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Executive Coach

William Pennington

Executive Coach
  • William has now gained almost 30 years of Leadership and Management Development experience, both as a leader and now as a practitioner developing leaders.

  • He combines his theoretical knowledge gained from his Masters’ degree in coaching and his experience as a university lecturer with practical application gained from his executive coaching practice and leadership background.

  • He worked in an entrepreneurial environment throughout most of his leadership career and has been involved in a number of entrepreneurial development programmes including Connect London, Enterprise Inc. (University of Derby), CEWE and Going Global (University of East London) where he has delivered both coaching and inspirational development sessions.

  • He has worked across a number of cultures: he has recruited, led and coached global teams for 7 years; lived and worked in the US for 2 years; and has worked as a coach and facilitator with leaders and managers from all over the globe.


  • What do you believe has been the benefit to your organisation as a result of this program?

    “Improved performance in incident and service desk management; clear drive from an empowered level without having to hand hold the delivery; improved customer satisfaction; revolutionised service model; cost savings recognised of over £4m.

    Adrian, Director, BT

  • What would you say to someone considering using William as an Executive Coach?

    William is someone who will give and “protect” the space you need to resolve a range of issues. It is not important that he understands the specifics of what you do – he is non judgmental – but he truly believes that you have the resources within you to make the changes you want to make

    Jon, Entrepreneur and Executive Coach

  • What do you remember enjoying the most and what had the biggest impact?

    “I particularly enjoyed the various discussions I had with William in the very different environments. The long walks out of the office, provided an easy backdrop from which we discussed many aspects of the challenges of my new role and position.

    Of greatest impact was the confidence I have been left with, that I am capable of this role and should not be apologetic for succeeding. This came out of a series of 2 sessions where we explored some of my own perceptions of what others thought of me. These sessions were typically during long walks, where William managed to illicit some fundamental concerns I had about my promotion and new role.”

    Martin, Director, Senior Civil Service

  • What would you say to someone considering using William as a Performance Coach?

    “William is very approachable and is a good listener. His manner is calm and collected and his communication skills help to put the individual at ease throughout the sessions.

    He has developed skills that assist the individual to draw out the key issues and put the solutions back together on a logical fashion.”

    Steve, Director, Baxi 

  • What would you say to someone considering using William as a Performance Coach?

    Strongly recommend William. He seems to have a very informal but powerful conversational approach, which has the flexibility to ‘tour’ around a set of issues, and then identify and drive down to key components which need examination. The sessions were beneficial but also great fun!

    Dai, Senior Director, MOD 

  • What worked for you in these sessions?

    “What worked for me was very useful for tactical delivery of initial goals around taking on new role,  navigating my future career options and developing my self projection at interview and assessment.  Overall, Well structured and very rewarding.”

    Dr. Matt, Leader, Defence Science and Technology Labratory (DSTL)

  • What worked for you in these sessions?

    “What worked for me was having to take time out to reflect on my own development and making the most of the opportunity to be coached by a professional coach.  Overall I am very happy with the programme.”

    Sarah, Senior Civil Service

  • What worked for you in these sessions?

    “What worked for me was the method of questioning and particuarly exploring difficult responses and the “psychological” approach that made me think in depth.”

    Stephen, Senior Analyst, Fidelity

  • What’s happened during the program and what have you done differently as a result of the coaching?

    “I became more conscious of what I did, when and for how long, even if I didn’t change my patterns of behaviour week to week, I was now thinking about things in a different and more empowered way in preparation for those changes. I can now make more strategic decisions about the merits of a plan or action, more efficiently and express those thoughts, more clearly to colleagues and myself.”

    Lizzie, Entrepreneur and Producer


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